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Grand opening held for the new floral clock located at Greenhill Gardens

A grand opening was held on Saturday 29th June to celebrate the new floral clock and clock house at Greenhill Gardens in Weymouth. The Mayor of Weymouth joined with members of the Friends of Greenhill Gardens group to celebrate this occasion. 

Installed in 1936, the floral clock has been a highlight of the gardens for decades with its traditional mechanical clock movement. It was created by Ritchie & Sons of Edinburgh and has an adjacent clock house which showcases the mechanical works of the clock. 

The new building has a new recycled tiled roof and has been designed to match the nearby Bennett’s shelter installed just after the First World War and adds into the historic conservation area.  

The clock chime which hasn’t worked for over 30 years is now back up and running with thanks to local clock specialist, Leon Harvey and passers by will be able to see the mechanism through the window of the clock house, as well as hear the cuckoo noise it makes . The clock has over 500 plants which will be maintained by the Council’s gardeners. 

Mayor of Weymouth, Cllr Jon Orrell said, “I’m very pleased to see Weymouth at its best on such a sunny festive day with this clock restored to its glory thanks to the hardworking people that have made it happen.” 

For more details on what the friends group said, read the Dorset Echo’s article here. 

This project has been managed and funded by the Friends of Greenhill Gardens with support from Weymouth Town Council. 


Notes to Editors  

The latest information and updates from Weymouth Town Council can be found on the website, Facebook, and X pages.

Photo credits: Emma Joyce Photography

Friends of Greenhill Gardens with the floral clock
Mechanical works of the clock which sit in the clock house building