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Mayor and Twinning Details


In May of each year an Annual Town Council meeting is held where the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected. Both roles represent the people and council of Weymouth and these roles are non-political.  The Mayor chairs the Full Council meetings and leads the town’s civic events such as Remembrance Sunday.

In the Mayor’s absence the Deputy Mayor will stand in place.

In May 2024, Cllr Jon Orrell was elected as the Mayor of Weymouth, and Cllr Caroline Nickinson was elected as the Deputy Mayor.

New Mayor and Deputy mayor of Weymouth

Cllr Caroline Nickinson, Deputy Mayor, and Cllr Jon Orrell, Mayor of Weymouth pictured left

If you wish to invite the Mayor to any of your events, or contact them for any reason, please email mayor@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk or call 01305 239327.


Weymouth is twinning with Louviers in France and Holzwickede in Germany.


Weymouth Louviers Society. On the Society’s website you will find information, photographs of official visits and details of significant events which the society has been involved with over the last 60+ years of friendship between Weymouth and Louviers in France.

If you would like to be part of the society and are interested in what they do, please complete the contact form and they will be in touch.


A similar Twinning relationship (Partnerschaften) developed between
Weymouth and Holzwickede, Germany and its “Charter of Friendship
(Freundschaftscharta)” was signed on 26 April 1987 by Weymouth’s
Mayor D. Hall and Holzwickede’s Mayor H. Schurhoff in the German town
and the Weymouth.