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Memorabilia on graves and plots

We aim to create a peaceful, respectful place that is safe and appropriate for everyone. As well as your own feelings, we must also be sensitive to the wishes and feelings of all visitors.

Bereaved relatives often wish to remember their loved ones with messages, ornaments and memorabilia.

We respectfully ask that if you choose to leave memorabilia, it stays either within:

  • the confines of the headstone base
  • the kerb surround where there is one
  • the grave plot itself

If you wish to place items on stakes, sticks or hooks, these cannot exceed 12″ in height.

These restrictions allow us to cut the grass and keep the grounds tidy.

Memorial Seats

These recycled classically styled benches include a commemorative plaque. They can be placed in any of our grounds and are particularly popular when placed close to the final resting place of a loved one.

This type of memorial is available for a 10 year period, which may then be renewed. We undertake any maintenance work towards the upkeep of these benches during the initial 10 years.


A list of the different items you can choose for your memorial and the fee for these:

  • hardwood standard memorial bench, 5ft  (including seat plaque) – £1051
  • additional 10 year period (only available after initial lease period) – £694.30
  • additional / replacement seat plaque – £54.25

Application Form

Burial Records

Historical burial records for the parishes of Holy Trinity, Melcombe Regis, Weymouth and Wyke Regis can be found below:

Additional Information

The gates to the cemeteries are always open and dogs should be kept on leads.