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Accessibility Guidelines

Our accessibility policy is to ensure this website meets recognised international standards for accessibility to ensure it is accessible to all.

We are fully committed to ensuring this website meets the Web Content Accessibility (WCAG 2.1) to AA standard, Mobile Web Best Practices and the MobileOK testing standards to ensure people with disabilities are not excluded from accessing our digital information and services.

Increasing the page size

You can increase the screen magnification in the browser settings up to 200%. This is done in most browsers from the ‘View’ menu or by holding down Ctrl and + at the same time.

Screen magnification software

If you change the settings and find that this does not magnify the text enough to be useful, then it is worth investigating screen magnification software.

Screen magnification can magnify up to 64 times. Prices vary depending on features, such as whether speech support is built into the program. Some of the more popular products include Lunar, MAGic and Zoomtext.

External websites

All links to external websites will launch in a new browser window.

Information in other formats

Information can be made available in other formats, such as audio tape and braille. Please contact us for more information.