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Grow Local Crops – Grow Local Soil – Grow Local People

A community partnership producing local food and delivering responsible stewardship over the natural environment that supports community life, learning and well-being in a sustainable and economic way.


An inclusive greenspace which nurtures the life-giving environment to support community led growing, learning and well-being, now and for future generations.”


Tumbledown is an asset of Weymouth Town Council with ambitious plans to grow as a ‘community anchor’ that offers a range of activities, events and opportunities to promote, health & well-being, opportunities to try new things and learn new skills and support others.

We have a strong Friends of Tumbledown group of local people who supports our plans, bring fresh ideas and volunteer their time. Get involved by emailing Clive Tuck (Development Project Manager) Come and join the fun!

Read the latest updates from Tumbledown here: Tumbledown Autumn Newsletter 2021

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