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Grow Local Crops – Grow Local Soil – Grow Local People

Tumbledown is a community partnership producing local food and delivering responsible stewardship over the natural environment that supports community life, learning and well-being in a sustainable and economic way.


An inclusive greenspace which nurtures the life-giving environment to support community led growing, learning and well-being, now and for future generations.”


Tumbledown is an asset of Weymouth Town Council with ambitious plans to grow as a ‘community anchor’ that offers a range of activities, events and opportunities to promote health and well-being, try new things and learn new skills and support others.

We have a strong Friends of Tumbledown group of local people who support our plans, bring fresh ideas and volunteer their time. Get involved by emailing Clive Tuck (Development Project Manager) clivetuck@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk. Come and join the fun!

Read the latest updates from Tumbledown here: Tumbledown Autumn Newsletter 2021

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