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Tumbledown project

The Tumbledown site is a former farm of around 27 acres which is being developed into a community asset. We’re working in partnership with Weymouth Area Development Trust (WADPT) to create a sustainable and inclusive asset. We’ll use the space to support community led:

which we’ll model on social enterprise principles.

The vision for Tumbledown

In 2019 we held a consultation with 150 local people and 35 stakeholders, including community organisations. We used the results to identify 4 key themes that the public wanted from Tumbledown:

  1. Climate change mitigation – harvesting natural resources, and reducing the carbon footprint. Promoting a wider understanding of the need to protect the planet.
  2. Growing local food – creating a range of growing areas and teaching skills about food production and preparation, from ‘plot to plate’.
  3. Health & Wellbeing – providing opportunities for people to experience a safe, natural environment, rich in wildlife.
  4. Social Enterprise – exploring income streams including food produce, a café and growing plants in our on-site nursery.

What’s planned?

A popular forest school already operates on the land. It offers children the opportunity to explore and learn in a natural environment. However, the site offers so much more. We aim for it to become a community hub which will provide a safe educational space for vulnerable adults, among other things.

A community orchard will be planted to offer a calm, peaceful space for residents, benefiting the health and wellbeing of those who visit.

The project so far

Work is in progress at the site across many areas. These include:

Get involved

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email Clive Tuck, Project Manager for WADT:

Join our Tumbledown Facebook group see the latest news and updates from Tumbledown.