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Weymouth’s Jubilee Clock to Light Up for Charity – get involved

Weymouth Town Council are planning to light up Weymouth’s iconic Jubilee Clock throughout 2021 to raise awareness for good causes.

The initiative will light up the clockface with colours that represent different charities and will run throughout the year. The council aims to represent one cause or charity per month, with the clock being lit for up to three days during the month.

Residents can nominate any local or national charities they would like to see represented by completing the form here by 31 January 2021.

They will need to give details of the charity, chosen dates and appropriate colour or colours.

Nominations will be taken to Weymouth Town Council’s Tourism, Events and Fundraising (TEAF) Working Group for consideration.

In 2020, the clockface was illuminated on a number of occasions in support of the NHS, Lifeboat Week, National Allotments Week, World Mental Health, Poppy Appeal and Pancreatic Cancer.

Councillor Ken Whatley, Chair of the TEAF Working Group, said:

“We hope to help raise awareness for charities and good causes using this well-known landmark. The Jubilee Clock is one of Weymouth’s most recognisable sights and a proud symbol of Weymouth’s heritage. The Town Council look forward to receiving and supporting applications from residents and charities.”

The Jubilee Clock Tower is a free-standing clock tower. It was built and erected in 1888 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria and became Grade II Listed in 1974. The Clock Tower was originally located in front of the promenade and jutted out onto the sands of Weymouth Beach. In the 1920’s, the clock was set back from the beach as the promenade was extended around it to protect the beach from the encroachment of shingle from the eastern end. The clock tower was also painted in bright colours during the same decade.