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Weymouth awash with colour as Mural Arts Trail comes to life

We Are Weymouth in association with Weymouth Town Council announces update on Mural Arts Trail.

The Mural Arts Trail is beginning to take shape across Weymouth bringing colour and vibrancy to spaces creating artistic focal points throughout the town.

Officially launching later this summer, the trail will consist of several murals at locations to be revealed and locals and visitors can now see the first artworks coming to life. 

The Mural Arts Trail is a joint project between Weymouth Town Council, and We Are Weymouth (BID), designed to showcase the artworks of local artists for years to come.  

Dawn Rondeau, Chief Operations Officer at We Are Weymouth (BID) comments: “It is great to work in partnership with Weymouth Town Council in sponsoring this project, ensuring the entire geography of the BID is represented with incredible artwork, extending the trail to Bowleaze and Lodmoor through the town and South harbourside, to the Stone pier as well as the Nothe gardens. 

“This wonderful opportunity to enhance the town and bring colour, as well as a reason to visit, will be used to promote the town to visitors whilst delighting the local population who live here. Our aim to enhance the look and feel of the town is coming to fruition and we see the trail as a legacy for years to come.”

 WOEC Portacabin, Weymouth Stone Pier

The first mural to be completed is called Life Beneath the Waves by artist Georgia Green (pictured above).

She said: “My initial idea centres around a fusion of nature and childlike magic and is designed to complement the vibrant urban and coastal colours in and around Weymouth Pier, reinvigorating the building it covers with bold and lively paint.”

Cllr Ann Weaving, Mayor of Weymouth said: “It’s fantastic to see the first murals going up in Weymouth with more beginning to appear throughout the town over the coming weeks. It will provide a huge amount of pleasure to see local residents and visitors begin to explore and uncover their locations before the grand unveiling of all the artworks is revealed later in the summer.”

Mural Name: Pipe Dreams

Weymouth born artist Sockoven created this mural (pictured above) in an undisclosed location in the town.

He said: “The idea behind this piece is about dreaming of going to new places and meeting new people but inevitably always ending back where you started. Going around and around the pipe system.”