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The angels are beginning to arrive for Christmas

Over 100 willing people have got together and started to create beautiful angels for Christmas. Knitters are being asked to help make an army of angels that will be hidden in places around the town or given to people that need a little cheer. The angels will have an individual tag with a link to a Facebook group where they can tell people about their find!

The Let’s Make It group have teamed up with St. Nicholas & St. Laurence Primary School and St. John’s Primary School who are making wonderful paper angels that will be hung in St. Mary’s Church, Weymouth during December.

Neil Biles, Community Chaplain, said:

“This is once again a wonderful project, working with the schools and our local community. Peace should always be here and the angels will be suspended in the church in December for all to view.  Not only are the schools making us angels but, they are once again helping to make some beautiful white doves that will be suspended in the church over Remembrance week.”

Sue Stephens from Let’s Make It said:

“I love coming to the workshops on a Wednesday at St Mary’s, my life is very chaotic and to come to the workshop where I can just concentrate on doing something for me is such a relief. I look forward to Wednesdays every week and I am sad when the sessions are over.”

Gill Taylor from Let’s Make It said:

“It is amazing how many tourists come into the church whilst the sessions are taking place, and want to join in. Last week, some American tourists came in and made three angels each and wanted to take one back to the States, we are really putting Weymouth on the map and we are giving them lasting memories of the town too.”

The craft workshops happen every Wednesday morning from 9.30am–11.45am at St Mary’s Church.

For more information about the sessions, please contact Julie Hursthouse:

📧 juliehursthouse@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk

📞 01305 239306