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Radipole Park Development Update

Part of the plans to transform Radipole Park and Gardens will focus on improving the biodiversity of the area to help the flora and fauna to develop. This will help create stronger habitats for a range of wildlife in the park over the coming years. An essential element of this work is to remove up to 16 existing trees along the boundary of the park that joins with the railway, this includes 7 very large poplar trees that have outgrown their original planting location. Their roots are now coming up through the tarmac at the tennis courts and paths. They are also now overhanging the railway siding with the strong risk that fallen branches may damage the rail infrastructure.

The poplars have grown too close to other trees like the Cypress trees, which make a major contribution to the Edwardian character of the park. Removal of the poplars will enable these Cypress trees to reach their full potential and will generally add to the ongoing habitat development.

We wanted to make the community aware that this will be happening and explain that it is part of the plan to aid the biodiversity and habitat development in the park over the coming years.

During this autumn and next autumn, the Council will be planting over 100 small native trees which will thicken up and expand on existing areas and in years to come this will provide an ever-improving habitat for the wildlife that live in and visit the park. When it is time to plant the trees, we will be advertising for volunteers to come and help and play a part in developing the park, so look out for further details on the Council’s social media channels and check the Friends of Radipole Park website nearer the time.

The Council’s Greenspaces Team will also be continuing to add more wildflower areas in the amenity grassland and the Friends of Radipole Park & Gardens will be building a sensory garden which will help to support pollinators and wildlife and also have volunteering opportunities. If it is possible we also plan to retain some of the wood from the trees to turn into benches and sculptures so it remains in the park.

To read more about this exciting new development click here.