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Get involved with this crafty Christmas project

It may seem a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but we’re asking for your help now with this new and exciting project for Weymouth. We are working in partnership with the Let’s Make It community group to help bring some Christmas cheer to Weymouth by creating Christmas angels!

The angels will be distributed throughout the town over the Christmas period for people to find. People will then be encouraged to post pictures of any angels that they find on the ‘Weymouth Christmas Angels’ Facebook group (to be set up) and also let group members know where they find the angels. Once you’ve found an angel, it’s yours to keep!

We’ve already made a few angels, but we need your help to make more!

Jane Biscombe, Weymouth Town Clerk said:

“This is a wonderfully creative example of what the community can achieve when we work together, and helps to combat social isolation. We are pleased that the Town Council can support this great project. Various community groups and organisations along with churches and Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are being contacted to see if they can help with creating some of the angels”.

Gill Taylor, member of Let’s Make It community group said:

“Creating items for other people is very therapeutic and is a great tool in combating social isolation, and uplifting people’s moods making them feel warm and fuzzy. We are all volunteers and we would ask if anyone has any spare wool or felt to please get in contact with us.”

Workshops are being arranged for September where anyone can come along and help to create an angel. For more information, including free patterns, please contact Julie Hursthouse, Community Development Officer on 01305 239306 or juliehursthouse@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk. If you would like to donate any materials, please drop these off at the Weymouth Town Council offices on Commercial Road, Weymouth.

For contact details for Let’s Make It and information on their previous projects, visit their Facebook page.