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Beach tender opportunities

Weymouth Town Council is inviting tender submissions for 4 beach attraction sites:

Attraction siteLocationSize in metres (m)Height restrictions
A3Opposite 58 The Esplanade20m x 15m6m
A4Opposite Marks & Spencers10m x 15m6m unless open structure, then up to 8m
A5Opposite Bond Street30m x 23m8m plus one attraction up to 11m and one attraction up to 15m
A6Opposite Sir Henry Edwards Statue18m x 18m6m

This is an excellent opportunity to develop your own seafront seasonal business in a popular south coastal resort. These trading opportunities are located on prime areas of Weymouth beach where trading has been a feature of the seafront since the early 19th century.

Please visit our Beach Tenders webpage for more information.