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Responding to the Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency Declaration

In a series of UN reports, thousands of scientists and government reviewers agreed that limiting global temperature rise to no more than 1.5°C would help us avoid the worst climate impacts and maintain a liveable climate. Yet policies currently in place point to a 2.8°C temperature rise by the end of the century.

The emissions that cause climate change come from every part of the world and affect everyone, but some countries produce much more than others. The seven biggest emitters alone (China, the United States of America, India, the European Union, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, and Brazil) accounted for about half of all global greenhouse gas emissions in 2020.

Everyone must take climate action, but people and countries creating more of the problem have a greater responsibility to act first.

In response to the climate threat, we declared a climate emergency and are committed to making the Council’s activities net zero carbon by 2030. Below are examples of the work that we are doing in response to this.

What have we done so far?

Installed solar panels on the beach office and Swannery Car Park.

To read more visit Solar panels installed on council buildings across Weymouth – Weymouth Town Council | Weymouth Town Council

Working in partnership with Litter Free Dorset and Weymouth and Portland Marine Project in providing a Beach Toy Library over the Summer period.

To read more visit Weymouth Beach Toy Library is Expanding! – Weymouth Town Council | Weymouth Town Council

Bought our first electric vehicle for Park Operations and Cleansing services.

To read more visit Weymouth Town Council invests in electric vehicle – Weymouth Town Council | Weymouth Town Council

Maintaining FREE water refill points along Weymouth & Greenhill beaches.

To read more on this visit ‘Tappy hour’ event to promote water refill stations – Weymouth Town Council | Weymouth Town Council. Your community has saved 53,130 equivalent 500ml single use plastic bottles (APR – SEPT 2023) by using the Wessex Water refill stations.

What are we doing now?

What we plan to do:

Emergency Planning can be found here.