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Work begins on refurbishing farm buildings at Tumbledown

We’ve got some exciting updates about the latest stages of our project to transform Tumbledown in to a sustainable and inclusive greenspace, in partnership with Weymouth Area Development Trust (WADT).

Over the last couple of weeks work has started on the refurbishment of one the original farm buildings located on the site. Once complete, the building will be used mainly for the community farm, offering storage for equipment and an inside workspace for activities and the propagation of seedlings.

The building will support the social enterprise aims of the project, but climate change mitigation is also being carefully considered in the development. The building’s roof will not only provide shelter but will work to harvest rainwater, which can be stored in tanks and used on the site.

Connecting water and electricity supplies, as well as reinforcing the entrance will mean the site can open to more people in the new year.

Progress so far

Asbestos removal at Tumbledown

Work begins on removing asbestos from the building.

Exterior groundworks and works to stabilise the corner of the stone barn are in progress.

A waterproof layer is added to roof of the barn.

Concrete is laid on a vehicle turning area, which will allow vehicles to access the site for the ongoing development.

A reinforced concrete base and new roof panels are now in place. A vapour barrier has been installed underneath the roof panels for damp proofing, all supported by new roof structures. The rear linhay (a type of farm building with an open front) has been cleared and a sloping path provides good access to the front and rear of the barn.

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