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Weymouth Town Council’s sandy solution to meeting problems

Weymouth Town Council have been vocal on their disappointment that the Government have not extended the right of Parish and Town Councils in England to carry on making decisions online. This is an important issue as many residents have been attending meetings online and the Council wants to ensure that people can still attend when face-to-face meetings resume. Town and Parish Councils in Wales have been supported by their government and are able to carry on meeting online.

With 29 Councillors and up to 5 officers who need to attend, space in the Weymouth Council Chamber would have been significantly limited and the public may not have been able to attend. If more public turned up at a meeting than could be fitted safely into the room, the meeting would have to be stopped and cancelled immediately.

Weymouth Town Council are drawing attention to this inequality and attack on democracy, at a time when residents want and need to be aware of what their Councils are doing to support them in covid recovery, by holding their Full Council meeting on 24 June 2021 in the only way they can safely – in the fresh air on Weymouth Beach.

Residents will be able to ask questions so join us at 11am in front of the Beach Office. The meeting will also be live streamed as usual on the Town Council’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WeymouthWTC