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Weymouth Town Council urges people to Stay Local

Weymouth Town Council welcomes the request from Dorset Council and adds its voice to the plea that the Government require people to stay local to protect Dorset, help prevent a second wave and help protect resources which are struggling to cope at this time.

Not all attractions or facilities are fully open and whilst the town has managed to cope with an increase in visitors, if visitor numbers continue to rise both Weymouth Town Council and other local organisations may need to look at what we can continue to provide safely to ensure the health and safety of both staff, residents and visitors. This could mean that some facilities, such as public toilets, may not be available to the public at all times.

There is currently no lifeguard provision at Weymouth Beach, so beach goers use the water at their own risk.

We are also asking people not to use disposable BBQs because of the fire risk at present. There have been two bin fires on the Promenade, as well as fires in our parks and gardens.

As soon as we are in a position to safely accommodate visitors with the necessary and adequate facilities in place we will, once again, be welcoming people with open arms to our wonderful town.