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Weymouth Town Council to tackle single use plastics

Councillors have passed a motion committing to the Council becoming single use plastic free wherever possible.

As part of the Council’s commitment to its recently declared climate change and environmental emergency, councillors at the meeting of the Full Council on Wednesday July 31st have formally recognised the damage that waste plastics cause to our environment.

Measures are to be taken by the Town Council to reduce, or cease where possible, its contribution to the contamination and damage caused by single use plastics.

Weymouth Town Council are hoping to set the example and lead the way by removing single use plastics from Council premises, encouraging plastic free initiatives and promoting the removal of single use plastics elsewhere.

Work will be done to encourage local businesses and retailers to stop using and selling single use plastic items and replace these with sustainable alternatives. For example, the council will aim for plastic straws and non-biodegradable takeaway food & drink containers to be replaced by eco-friendly options.

Free water refill points will also be explored, with the aim of reducing the amount of single use plastic bottles in the town.

Cllr Graham Winter, Mayor of Weymouth Town Council, welcomes this:

“This commitment fits in well with the Council’s climate change and litter free initiatives. We take great pride in our beautiful town and want to make sure that it can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come”.

Recently installed sculptures on Weymouth Beach are also encouraging people to think about not using single use plastics.

This is an initiative of Litter Free Coast and Sea, who want to encourage people enjoying the coast to be as plastic clever and litter free as possible. Jack Raisey, an architectural designer has designed and built the sculptures which will be displayed on Weymouth Beach for the month of August.

The sculptures represent typical single use plastic, take away food and drink items in giant size (2.5m tall and 5m long) and promote, through graphics designed by Rowena Taylor, the choices we can all make to combat the impact plastic and our waste is having on the planet.

Gwen Hawkins, coordinator of Litter Free Coast and Sea says:

“We want to engage with people using the beaches and help them be more aware of the damage littering causes, with the aim of reducing food and drink related litter such as bottles, trays, cutlery, BBQs etc. The sculptures Jack has created will get people’s attention and make people think about the impact they have while at the beach”.

The sculptures can be found on Weymouth Beach opposite to the Bay Royal Hotel.