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Weymouth Town Council Officers to issue Fixed Penalty Notices

Officers from Weymouth Town Council have completed training to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for a range of environmental offences.

The trained officers have taken on the additional responsibility alongside their full-time roles. They will have the power to fine anyone caught committing low level offences, such as dropping litter, allowing their dogs to foul, or vandalism.

The council aims to raise awareness and reduce the number of incidents which impact on public safety and enjoyment of outdoor areas. In total, six officers can now take enforcement action and will be on the lookout for anyone committing offences. It will cover a range of issues including dog owners allowing their dog to foul, which is not only an eyesore, but also a health hazard.

FPNs are used as a tool to educate the offender, change their behaviour, and to deter others from committing the same offence.

A spokesperson for Weymouth Town Council said:

“We know that residents will want action taken against the small number of dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs and people who don’t respect our public spaces. Training officers to issue FPNs will help the council to clamp down on this behaviour.

“We’d like to thank the officers who are taking on this duty, as well as continuing to do great work in their busy, full-time roles. It is another positive move to maintain our fantastic parks and gardens, so they can be enjoyed to their full potential by everyone.”