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Weymouth Town Council agree grant to Littlemoor Community Safety Group

Weymouth Town Council agreed at the Finance and Governance meeting held on Wednesday 16th June to approve a £1,060 grant application from the Littlemoor Community Safety Group.

The grant provides the group with a set up fund to get their work started – the funding will primarily be used for promotion of the group, funding hall hire for meetings, refreshment at meetings, and printing costs. The community group will be fundraising to keep the group going in future years.

Cllr David Gray, Chair of the Finance and Governance, Committee said:

“We are delighted to agree this funding application from the Littlemoor Community Safety group and support and recognise the excellent work that they aim to do. This project is a fine example of a local group working at the heart of the community, and it embraces many of the Council’s priority aims including improving the wellbeing of the people of Weymouth, meeting the needs of the community, and working with partners to deliver our core values and strategy”.

Tony A’Lee, Group Co-ordinator of Littlemoor Community Safety Group, said:

“We are over the moon at the news that this grant application to Weymouth Town Council has been granted. It will give the group a great boost and help us sustain and grow in the Community and help us deliver some wonderful activities and reach all areas of our community. On behalf of the committee: a very big thank you to Weymouth Town Council for their support”.