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Update on the Neighbourhood Plan for Weymouth

At tonight’s meeting of Full Council (Wednesday 3rd May), Weymouth Town Council endorsed the initial draft Neighbourhood Plan for Weymouth as the basis for the important next step a Strategic Environmental Assessment to take place.

Weymouth is fortunate to have so many recognised sites of national and international importance for their wildlife, habitat, natural beauty, and geology. All plans which support development near these areas must carry out a statutory Strategic Environmental Assessment to determine the impact of the plan on such sites.

Cllr David Northam, Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said: “This initial draft Neighbourhood Plan shows the intent to set out planning policies which regulate future development in Weymouth and respond to people’s needs. 

“Residents told us they wanted to protect the town’s natural and historic environment, have better paid local jobs, affordable homes, and address the climate and ecological emergency. This is the first step to achieving this, more work will be required, and more engagement and consultation will take place over the next year. 

“We hope that residents agree that the draft plan is balanced encouraging needed development, in a sustainable way, and protecting areas valued by people in Weymouth.”

To read the initial draft of the plan and supporting documents presented at Full Council, visit the website at www.weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk/committee And for more detailed information on the background to Weymouth’s Neighbourhood Plan, visit https://www.weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk/neighbourhood-plan/

What happens next?

This is an initial draft of the plan, not the final version. Engagement with residents, landowners and Dorset Council is continuing over the next four months. 

The next formal public consultation on this draft will be in September, and again early in 2024.


Notes to Editors

The latest information and updates from Weymouth Town Council can be found on the website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.