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Update on Community Governance Review

At last night’s meeting of Full Council (Tuesday 19th October), councillors voted to increase the number of town councillors from 29 to 30.

This is part of Dorset Council’s Community Governance Review, which defines Weymouth’s main boundary, council wards, and the number of councillors needed to represent residents’ views.

Compared to other town and parish ward sizes in Dorset, Weymouth continues to grow and the original boundaries are out of date.

Increasing the number of councillors would give residents a fair spread of representatives to keep up with the town’s ever growing population. Each town councillor costs each household in Weymouth six pence per year, so the cost of increasing the overall number would remain low.

Next steps

Weymouth Town Council will submit its proposals Proposal 2, Annex F to Dorset Council to consider at a future meeting of its Full Council.

The Community Governance Review will then be put out to public consultation before any final decisions are made on the proposals in 2022 by Dorset Council. More details, including a timetable of key dates is available on Dorset Council’s website at Community Governance Review – Dorset Council