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Team GB Olympic skater and Town Councillors to attend The Marsh skatepark and parkour facility event.

Mayor of Weymouth and Weymouth Town Council councillors join Team GB Olympic skater Alex DeCunha, and representatives from Maverick skatepark company for a photo opportunity at The Marsh skatepark and parkour facility. The event marks almost a year since the new facility opened to the public.

Team GB Olympic skater Alex DeCunha will be at The Marsh Skatepark and Parkour facility in Weymouth on Saturday 8th April for an event marking almost a year since the park first opened.

Weymouth Town Council invested £358,000 in the facility which opened in the Westham area of the town at the end of April last year and has since proved to be a popular place for younger residents to go to enjoy skating and scooting.

It was built by skatepark company Maverick who are organising the jam event which runs from 12pm to 4pm at the park off Knightsdale Road. The day features rider demos, music from a family friendly play list, and competitions across each riding discipline giving everyone who attends the chance to take part and win prizes.

Cllr Ann Weaving, Mayor of Weymouth, said: “I’m looking forward to welcoming people to the jam, which is a family-friendly event to mark almost a year since The Marsh Skatepark and Parkour facility first opened. It has been extremely well-used since being completed last April, and provides skaters, BMXers, and scooter riders with a bespoke space to practise their skills.”

Teenagers William and Cole, both 15, regularly use the skatepark. They said: “We use the skatepark most days – it’s been great for Weymouth – it’s a good outlet for kids around The Marsh to have something to do to keep us busy.”

Sue Mitchener, Director at Maverick, said: “We are looking forward to the Marsh skatepark jam – rider demos will feature Team Rubicon, renowned BMX rider Scott Hamlin, Team GB Olympic skater Alex DeCunha and sponsored scooterist Noah Tiller. We have also got Jackson from MVM Tribe (Parkour) attending.  It’s guaranteed to be a fun day for all who attend!”


Notes to Editors

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