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Statement on seaweed washed up on Weymouth Beach

The following statement has been issued in relation to seaweed on Weymouth Beach:

“We are aware of recent comments about seaweed on a small area of our award winning beach. Over the past few days lots of the seaweed has naturally washed back out to sea.

“Occasionally north easterly winds result in seaweed being washed up on the southern section of the beach. We appreciate that the seaweed might be unsightly until it is washed back out into the bay but as caretakers of this beautiful and diverse coastal environment, we have made a conscious decision not to routinely remove any animals or plants.

“This decision supports our commitment to preserving the ecosystem’s integrity and avoiding any potential harm that may arise from interfering with its natural course. Seaweed is an important resource for marine invertebrates and a food source for many species.

“While we understand that our approach may not align with some personal preferences, it is important to note that we are not striving to provide a synthetic, controlled swimming pool experience. Instead, we invite visitors to embrace the raw beauty of nature in its unaltered form, which includes the presence of seaweed, along with other fascinating marine life such as crabs, seals, jellyfish, and dolphins.

“Weymouth Beach has been honoured with both the Seaside Award and the Blue Flag Award. These accolades underscore our dedication to maintaining cleanliness, safety, high-quality services, water quality, and environmental management. We take great pride in upholding these standards and continuously strive to provide an exceptional beach experience for our valued visitors.”