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Mayor’s Monthly Blog – October

The weather has been rather mixed this month but thankfully it did not stop the many planned community events from taking place.

It was really lovely to meet the various partners who got together early in October to open the new community growing project in St John’s Gardens.  This is at the junction with Dorchester Road and Carlton Road South.  The Greenspaces team from Weymouth Town Council joined colleagues from Dorset Council to help create a lovely area where those with disabilities can grow incredible edibles and work in the park.  The innovative planters allow those in wheelchairs to get up close to the raised beds and the extra height helps with other mobility problems.  The Green Fingers group with help from local residents are looking forward to crops of greens, salads, tomatoes and much more.

I had the pleasure to attend the induction of two new members of the clergy to Weymouth this month.  I was proud to welcome on behalf of the town the Revd. Juliet  Stephenson to Holy Trinity with St Nicholas and Revd John Mackenzie as Rector of All Saints with St Edmunds,  Wyke Regis.  Both are very keen to get to know the area and to working closely with community groups across the town.  I feel sure they will enjoy their time with us and will make a really great contribution to lives in Weymouth.

The Lions Club of Weymouth and Portland have been working with Purbeck Motocross for 30 years to stage the competition on the beach at the end of the summer season.  This year, I am sure there were even more contestants and certainly more spectators. I spoke to competitors who have visiting for years with all their families  and from far and wide.  Everyone praised the event, the venue and the organisation.  Everyone spoke about how beautiful our town is and how they envied us such a pleasant, clean and well managed town.  So thank you to our parks  and beach management teams, and to all those involved in hospitality across the town. And, of course, to The Lions and Purbeck Motocross Club.

A staple in the Mayors life is the raising of flags and this month it was to mark the 78th anniversary of the foundation of The United Nations.  Very much in the news at the moment not just in conflict resolution but involved in so much humanitarian aid with the number of natural disasters across the world recently, floods, earthquakes and fires.

My final engagement this month will be to attend the 15th birthday celebration of Weymouth’s Street Pastors.  A particular pleasure for me as until recently I was part of their team.  Our younger residents and visitors and the young at heart will know the Street Pastors well.  Out in all weather late at night and into the early hours, patrolling the streets in the town centre helping to keep those enjoying our night time clubs and bars safe and well.  Street pastors are known for their friendly words, their advice, and their lollypops! Not to mention KitKats, water and flip flops. 

The nights are drawing in, the clocks will fall back and the temperature will start to drop but Weymouth will remain the busy and vibrant place it always is and I look forward to meeting more local people and wonderful organisations next month.  Some great events are planned in the run up to Christmas so keep an eye on Weymouth Town Council’s Website.  

Cllr Kate Wheller   –    Mayor of Weymouth.