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It’s Local Council Clerk Week

June 10th to 14th is Local Council Clerk Week #LCCW, and Weymouth Town Council is shining a light on the role of its clerks.

LCCW aims to help raise the profile of the clerk’s profession and explain the work they do on behalf of the town council and Weymouth’s communities.

At Weymouth Town Council, Jane Biscombe, Town Clerk, Ian Milne, Deputy Town Clerk, and Charmaine Denny, Assistant Town Clerk oversee a range of diverse services as well as running the Council’s finances.

And if you’ve ever been to a committee meeting, or watched it on YouTube (click here to subscribe) then you will have seen Jane, Ian, or Charmaine giving advice to Councillors on procedure or counting the votes on various decisions that need to be taken – from fun fairs to various policies.

Weymouth Town Council is one of the biggest in England and is responsible for services ranging from events and celebrations, cemeteries, public toilets, allotments, parks and gardens, to the beach and promenade, community development, the Youth Council, and projects like developing Tumbledown farm into a community asset. So, the clerks bring a diverse range of skills and knowledge to each role, as well as acting as a voice for the local community.

All town and parish councils have to run an Annual Town Meeting where members of the public are invited to come along and get involved in local democracy. It could be a bit dry, but Weymouth Town Council has been doing it differently over the last three years. You may have come along to the Community Expos at the Jubilee Clock or Redlands (pictured). It’s a chance to find out what the town council is all about, but also showcases many community and voluntary groups that operate for the benefit of Weymouth residents.

Pictured from left to right, Charmaine, Jane, and Ian at this year’s Community Expo

Summing up their favourite part of being a clerk, Jane said: “For me it’s the diversity. You never know what is going to land in your inbox from one day to the next. I love being able to use all my skills and knowledge to problem solve and help make Weymouth the very best it can be.”

Ian, who leads on the Council’s finances, said: “I like the fact that I get to be involved in all areas of the organisation. That means I get to work and interact with all our staff, our councillors, and the many residents of our town.  Knowing that you are part of a process that can make a real difference to people’s lives makes my job extremely rewarding.”

Charmaine, who leads on our frontline services including resort, greenspaces and projects, added: “It is really rewarding working on projects and managing teams within an organisation that benefits the local community and visitors, especially within the town I grew up in. Engaging and working with a variety of people including members of the public, Councillors and our Youth Council ensures different voices in our community are heard, which is really important.”

To find out more about the services Weymouth Town Council is responsible for, visit the Services page on the Council’s website.