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Clean graffiti welcomes tourists to Weymouth

This morning, Litter Free Dorset (LFD) created some new art work in Weymouth. The words ‘Leave Only Footprints’ were graffitied into the pavement outside the train station using just water! We all enjoy a clean and litter free town and this artwork will aim to encourage tourists to take their rubbish home and ‘Leave Only Footprints’. The clean graffiti features dinosaurs footprints- come and have a look for yourself.

Sophie Colley from Litter Free Dorset said:

“Huge thank you to Ben and Russel from Dorset Waste Partnership for installing the clean graffiti! They are part of a team that remove graffiti and chewing gum from our highstreets and ultimately keep Dorset Litter Free.”

Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) supports the community campaign Litter Free Dorset and helped to install the artwork this morning using their pressure washer machine.

Paul Ackrill, Head of Commercial Waste and Strategy at the Dorset Waste Partnership, said:

“Our Waste and Cleansing Team works tirelessly seven days a week to keep the beach clean and free from litter, while also ensuring that bins are emptied regularly, and roads and pavements are kept tidy and safe for residents and visitors, who are vital to the local economy. But if you want to ensure your waste is recycled, we kindly suggest taking your rubbish home and using your kerbside bin collection service.”

The initiative is supported by Weymouth Town Council who have just declared Weymouth will be going single-use Plastic Free!

Cllr Graham Winter, Mayor of Weymouth Town Council, said:

“We support this initiative as it will make people think about the impact their litter has on the environment, and will help to keep our town clean and welcoming to all.”

Glass bottles, cigarettes and abandoned BBQ’s can cause a lot of harm to our environment, our pets and ourselves if left in parks and on the beach. Please be cool- take your rubbish home this summer and leave only footprints!

Check out Litter Free Dorset’s social media to keep up to date with current projects and campaigns:

Facebook: Litter Free Dorset

Twitter: LitterFreeDrst

Instagram: litterfreedorset