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Memorial Applications 

The erection of a memorial will be permitted where: 

If a deed holder wishes to apply for permission to erect a memorial, add an inscription or carry out any other work on a memorial, an application form must be completed.   

The Council will remove any unauthorised memorial and levy the cost to the grave owner or their personal representative. 

Installation of Memorials 

The following memorials may be fitted: 

Lawn Sections 

Headstone, plaque, desk or tablet may be placed at the head of the grave only.  Maximum height from ground level for a headstone is 915mm and for kerb stones maximum height from ground level is 150mm.   

Installation of a memorial of the dimensions indicated above may be installed at the head of the grave but there should be no other memorial or items placed in or around the grave. 

Traditional Sections 

Headstone, plaque, kerb set, tablet or vase.  Maximum height above ground level for headstones is 915mm and for kerb set from ground level is 150mm. 

Ashes Sections 

Headstone, plaque, tablet or desk.  Maximum height above ground level 610mm. 

Infant and Baby Sections 

There are two types of memorial within this section: 

Natural stone tablets.  Maximum height above ground level 100mm. 

Natural stone headstones.  Maximum height above ground level 457mm. 

Small wooden crosses are sometimes provided by a funeral director, as a temporary grave marker, pending the erection of a permanent memorial and may remain for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of interment.  If a wooden cross is being considered as a permanent memorial, contact must be made to the Bereavement Services office in the first instance for the specifications.  Wooden crosses fall into the same category as headstones for safety inspections, etc. and are therefore subject to the same fee. 

All memorials must be able to bear continuous exposure to the weather and must not be made of: 

The owner of the executive right of burial is responsible for keeping the memorial in a good and safe condition.  The Council cannot accept any liability for repairing damaged or fallen memorials or be responsible for any damage/theft or vandalism or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Council. 

The Council has a duty to periodically inspect and test memorials.  If a memorial is found to be in a dangerous condition, the council has a responsibility to make the memorial safe.  The registered owner will be informed and it is their responsibility to contact a stonemason and pay for the reinstatement work within a 12 month period.   

These restrictions allow us to cut the grass and keep the grounds tidy.

Download Additional Memorial Regulations 

Download List of Stone Masons 


The memorial seat is a traditionally styled seat with 100% recycled slats and cast aluminium seat ends to ensure the seat offers a long service life and includes a commemorative plaque.

If you are interested in purchasing a seat please contact cemeteries@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk