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Meet Your Councillor – Kate Wheller

Name: Kate Wheller

Ward you represent: Wyke Regis

Any committee roles? Human Resources

Tell us a little bit about yourself: (100 words max)

I am very short with short white hair, I look very respectable and I dress like a respectable Granny and people say I should posh! I love heavy metal bands and fast cars, I use to drive a Porche 911. I’ve been married for 58 years and was raised in Weymouth and have 2 sons, 3 Grandsons, 1 Grandaughter and a Great Grandson. One interesting fact about me is that I love heavy metal music and I’ve had dinner with David Attenborough!

What motivated you to become a councillor?

I became a councillor because I care about Weymouth, it’s my home and I want it to be the best place it can be I want to help the people who live in this wonderful place.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

I like to join with my fellow ward Councillors Cllr Hamilton and Cllr Toft in deliberating how to make Weymouth better for residents. Residents know where to find me, around the village of Wyke, in the library or the shops, at the medical centre or just out for a walk.

How can people contact you if they have an issue to raise?  

Contact me by visiting Weymouth Town Council’s website for more details.