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Weymouth Community Emergency Plan

As part of the Town Council’s work on declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency we have worked with Dorset Council’s Emergency Planning Team to develop a Weymouth Community Emergency Plan that is designed to help improve and promote community resilience.

The purpose of the Community Emergency Plan is to increase resilience within local communities by being prepared to respond quickly to and aid recovery from local or wider emergencies. This is achieved through the co-ordination of existing local resources to provide self-help and support for communities which is delivered in a way that supports and compliments the emergency services.

A copy of the plan is available below:

The plan provides details of local organisations that are able to assist the local Community.

The plan has been designed to:

Are you prepared?

There are a number of actions you can take right now to keep yourself, your home, your family and your business safe in the event of an emergency.

Visit the Dorset Local Resilience Forum for more information.

Home Emergency Action Plan Booklet

Click here to download the booklet, which has been put together by the Dorset LRF to give you some basic information on how you can help yourself and your family in emergencies.

Warning & Information

You can sign up with the Environment Agency and Met Office to receive free alerts and information on flood risk and weather warnings.

If you or someone you know is vulnerable then you are able to sign up with your utility providers to be put onto their priority list which will trigger additional support services from the utility company in an emergency or prolonged outage.