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Operations Manager

Posted 3 weeks ago

We are recruiting to the post of Operations Manager.

The postholder will lead the Council’s operations taking responsibility for the management and maintenance of the Council’s assets, other ancillary Council activities and the delivery of front-line services, including events, beach, buildings, public conveniences, business development and community development. This post does not include parks and gardens, play areas and cemeteries. Being able to pro-actively manage, motivate and support the Council’s maintenance and service delivery teams is a core part of this role.

The postholder will oversee significant revenue budgets and will play an important role in developing and delivering the Council’s planned maintenance programme, as well as facilitating the procurement of external services and management of contracts.

The postholder will be a senior member of the Council’s management team and will be expected to advise the Council on, and assist in the formation of, overall policies and the strategic direction of Council services under his/her management. This includes producing all the information required for making effective decisions, and then implementing constructively all resolutions made by the Council or its committees to ensure that the organisation achieves its aims and objectives.

An important feature of this role is the need to ensure compliance with all health and safety requirements, as well as making sure that both best practice and relevant legislation within the industry is followed. The postholder will identify emerging trends and work practices relevant to the teams and implement them, where applicable.

Whilst this is a senior management position the postholder should be prepared to act as a hands-on member of the Operations Team from time-to-time, whenever that is necessary to ensure operational effectiveness.

Please see the below job description for more information on this role. The person specification is also contained within this document.

If you wish to apply, please return a completed application form to office@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk by 9am on Monday 16th March.

Interview dates: Monday 23rd March (afternoon), Tuesday 24th March (afternoon), Wednesday 25th March (morning).

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