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The County of Dorset (Prohibition of Driving) (St Alban Street, Weymouth) Experimental Order 2019

Starts: 07/06/2019 Ends: 31/12/2019

Notice is hereby given that Dorset Council in exercise of its powers under Sections 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 and Part IV of Schedule 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (“the Act”) and all other enabling powers, after consultation with the Chief Officer of the Police in accordance with Part III of Schedule 9 to the Act hereby makes the above Experimental Traffic Order (“the Order”).

The Order will come into operation on 7 June 2019 and will introduce prohibition of driving on those parts of roads detailed below and illustrated on the plan accompanying this notice.

The effect of the Order will be to in introduce a prohibition of driving between 10.30am and 5.30pm the following lengths of St Alban Street in Weymouth: • From its junction with Maiden Street to its junction with East Street • From its junction with East Street to its junction with Esplanade