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Meet Your Councillor – Ann Weaving

Mayor of Weymouth, Ann Weaving

Name: Ann Weaving  

What ward do you represent? Littlemoor 

Any committee or other roles? I Chair Full Council, and I’m a member of Planning and Licensing. I am also the Mayor of Weymouth. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’ve been active in politics since I was 16. I went on to be elected as a councillor in Outer London, North West Kent and later served on the Greater London Council for five years. 

But I decided to move from Woolwich to Weymouth after booking a caravan stay in Preston, Weymouth about 27 years ago. When I got off the train in Weymouth a feeling came over me and I knew this would become my home. 

My favourite thing about living in Weymouth is the people. It’s not a town, it’s a community. 

Although I’m retired now, I have ten grand-children and eight great grandchildren who keep me busy, but I’m also involved in the Youth Club at Littlemoor, and the group Big 4 Littlemoor. And when time allows, I also help out at a foodbank. 

What motivated you to become a councillor?  

I’m passionate about helping people and making sure they get fair representation and have their voice heard. I became a councillor at the age of 21 and I have served on several different councils over the years before being elected to Weymouth Town Council in 2019. 

What do you enjoy most about the role? 

Meeting people. Politics is very important but the ‘p’ doesn’t just stand for politics, it stands for people. And that’s what I enjoy most about it.  

What’s the most frequent issue you deal with in your ward? 

Issues to do with property maintenance and also health, giving people support and signposting to where people can get help with their health. Supporting families with children who are struggling. Being there for people because they are like family. 

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about becoming a councillor? 

Be prepared to give 100 per cent to the communities you represent. 

How can people contact you if they have an issue to raise?  

People can contact me by visiting Weymouth Town Council’s website for more details.