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Meet the team: Freya

Freya is the council’s Customer Services Officer.

Freya, Customer Services Officer pictured outside the Weymouth Town Council office

If you’ve ever had to contact us, chances are you’ve already spoken with Freya as she is our friendly, first point of contact for all enquiries about the work of the town council.

From answering phone calls, to replying to emails, Freya deals with all sorts of questions on a daily basis.

What’s the most common question you get asked?

“Unfortunately some are ones the town council cannot answer. This is because some emails and phone calls are actually enquiries about Dorset Council services. For example, common types of questions are about bin collections, change of address, queries about benefits and housing, and parking permits.

“But I also help with all enquiries about Weymouth Town Council services. These include events and celebrations, to cemeteries, public toilets, allotments, parks, gardens, and the beach and promenade to name a few.

“As an example, I have to know a lot about the parks and gardens services and the beach, as well as events happening in the area and other things related to the day to day running of the council.

“This means I need to know who everyone in the council is and what they do, so I can get every enquiry to the right person. It also means having a good knowledge of what Weymouth Town Council is responsible for because some services in Weymouth are under Dorset Council’s authority.” 

Freya, who has lived on Portland her entire life, says her favourite thing about working for the council is… “I love the variety of work we do, which means that no two days are the same. Even though it is office-work, I get to talk to a whole range of people, from younger residents, to older residents, and also visitors to the town. I speak with people who have only just moved to Weymouth to people who have lived here all their lives!”

For a full list of services provided by Weymouth Town Council visit www.weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk/services