Weymouth Town Council has suggested improved warding for the Community Governance of Weymouth. Please see the full text here. This is because the option proposed on the Dorset Council draft has poor electoral quality, and fails to address anomalous boundaries on the western boundary.

WTC make two improved suggestions; The "First Preference" includes a number of properties in the Lanehouse area. The "Second Preference" is more compromising, and only results in a net transfer of 3 properties from Chickerell to Weymouth. Both suggestions fully comply with the government guidance.

If you support the Town Council's suggestions, please complete this short form below to let Dorset Council know. If you have your own ideas then please email them straight to Dorset Council. Everyone’s opinion matters so make sure you have your say, whatever that is. However, we hope you will consider supporting the Town Councils views which are the product of many discussions, including with Dorset Council.

I support the Weymouth Town Council suggested boundaries and warding for Weymouth.

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